Military Enlisted Careers

This comprehensive list includes military careers that are available to individuals.

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Military Logistics Specialists

Logistics specialists manage procurement, maintenance, and transportation of military materiel, facilities, and personnel. They develop, evaluate, monitor, and supervise logistics plans and programs including war readiness materiel, deployment, and personnel. These individuals must be able to integrate the separate functions of planning and implementing a logistics management program.

  • Average Salary:$69,072
  • Most Common Education: Not Available

Military International and Civil Affairs Specialists

International and civil affairs specialists perform various duties incident to the planning, coordination, and conduct of civil-military operations. They support the operation of civil affairs planning and coordination centers. They also perform civil-military assessments of their assigned operational area and coordinate with a wide variety of civilian populations, organizations, and agencies.  

  • Average Salary:$87,580
  • Most Common Education: Not available

Military Career Counseling/Retention Specialists

Career counseling/retention specialists provide military personnel with consultation and guidance on career exploration by reviewing their interests, education, strengths, and abilities. They support the development and implementation of career information programs and they are responsible for collecting and analyzing retention and attrition data. They provide service members with guidance and motivation in maximizing their career potential, and they provide counseling to transitioning or retiring personnel.

  • Average Salary:$74,906
  • Most Common Education: Not Available

Military Training Specialists

Training specialists plan, conduct, and administer programs that educate and improve the knowledge, skills, and abilities of military personnel. They create curriculum and accompanying materials, teach content, and assess student performance. Some specialize by functional area, such as military-specific/tactical.

  • Average Salary:$130,862
  • Most Common Education: Bachelor's degree

Military Recruiting and Retention Specialists

Recruiting and retention specialists provide prospective candidates with the appropriate information and assistance prior to and throughout the military enlistment process. They are responsible for interviewing, orienting, and screening potential candidates, and they participate in recruiting actions by attending promotional events and maintaining liaison with high schools and college officials. They plan and implement interviews with military personnel, and they provide unit leaders with feedback and guidance for improving and enhancing retention.

  • Average Salary:$75,177
  • Most Common Education: Not Available

Military Caseworkers

Caseworkers are responsible for overseeing and managing resources, programs, and functions regarding mental health services within the military community. They support services in psychiatry, social work, psychology, family advocacy, substance abuse awareness, and rehabilitation. They assist mental health professionals and advise in planning and administering treatment methods. They perform managerial duties in directing and coordinating resources, as well as developing, implementing, and evaluating training related to mental health programs.  

  • Average Salary:$94,475
  • Most Common Education: Bachelor's degree

Military Emergency Management Specialists

Whether it is a natural disaster or man-made as a result of a chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear incident, emergency management specialists are trained for response and recovery operations anywhere in the world. They prepare emergency plans, coordinate emergency response teams, and train other people to meet mission needs and to minimize casualties and damage in the event of any disaster situation, including floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, or enemy attack.

  • Average Salary:$60,647
  • Most Common Education: Bachelor's degree

Military Opticians

Opticians are highly skilled eye care professionals who undergo rigorous and extensive training. They design and dispense eyeglasses, contact lenses, low vision aids, and prosthetic ocular devices for customers. They assist with frame selection and manage clinic offices and may perform diagnostic tests.

  • Average Salary:$76,489
  • Most Common Education: High school

Military Inspectors and Evaluators

Inspectors and evaluators review and ensure the quality of military processes and resources. They may inspect the status of equipment, facilities, vehicles, or personnel, and collect information through observation and interviews. They verify compliance with appropriate regulations and prepare reports and recommendations to communicate findings.

  • Average Salary:$62,192
  • Most Common Education: Bachelor's degree

Military Equal Opportunity Specialists

Equal opportunity specialists perform administrative functions, including preparation and maintenance of equal opportunity (EO) case files. They are responsible for the maintenance and analysis of pertinent data, and the development of relevant reports. They control budget operations, assess EO education program activities, counsel military personnel and civilian employees on EO policies, and provide recommendations and advice to leaders in resolving problems related to EO matters. They promote an effective organizational climate by implementing seminars, focus groups, and other techniques.

  • Average Salary:$74,313
  • Most Common Education: Bachelor's degree