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Please let us know if you are doing something relevant to the Exploring our Futures project. Place a short comment (below) saying what you are doing and why it is important – and we will be in touch. Thanks.

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  1. Lucy Smith says:

    Taking a strategic approach to promoting population mental wellbeing. Important to understand that work is needed to create the conditions in which individuals can experience good mental wellbeing. Also, to ensure that health includes how people feel mentally as well as physical health. This means including health promotion messages about taking care of our minds as well as our bodies and that the two overlap eg. going for a run reduces stress/depression, green space lowers blood pressure and is good for mental wellbeing etc. Mental illness is a growing issue for both boroughs and an increasing major underlying reason for people being absent from work etc. Hugely costly if ignored. See ‘Mental Capital’ report by Foresight etc.

  2. Using mindfulness based approaches as a tool to engage the wider community in activities to promote mental and physical well-being- simultaneously if possible. Working in an authentic yet creative way to engage people to live a more mindful and connected life- drawing on evidence base from high quality research and neuroimaging sciences. I aim to develop a Mindfulness Centre of Excellence In London (Lambeth) to bring these activities together and provide a space for discussion, training, continuing professional development and community engagement. In this way Lambeth and London can access mindfulness training and the benefits this brings.

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