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July 11 2012

Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre

Now this event is over, please see:


Should we sell printer cartridges?

Dr John Scoble, Consultant Kidney Doctor, Guys and St Thomas’

The final event provided an opportunity to reflect upon the scenarios we have developed and their implications for us today. We road tested their credibility and considered their implications for local strategies. This event had expert input from Nigel Edwards to provide external challenge and reflection.

Key outputs

Agreement on the areas requiring strategic focus and attention if we want to move towards our preferred scenario

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One Comment to "So what?"

  1. Lucy Smith says:

    Just a few thoughts following on from yday’s ‘Exploring our futures’ event. Have been looking at the ‘future for wellbeing’ sheet. In ‘the best case’ think there is something more over-arching about creating the environment in Lambeth and Southwark for all to achieve their potential for wellbeing eg. Emotional literacy in schools is great, but better to have a ‘whole school approach’ and no good if other issues for children and young people are not also tackled. Would like to see better housing, better educational opps, expanding access to psychological therapies, community cohesion as broader aims. The worst case isn’t just about increasing unemployment but also erosion of employment rights and job security.

    Key context indicators should include diversity, young population, density of population compared to other areas plus amount of social housing. Would not say all the borough has poor access to green space. Lambeth is long and narrow so many cross borders to enjoy other parks. Perhaps in the North we suffer more but in the South of the borough we have Brockwell Park, Clapham Common, Ruskin Park, Streatham Common etc.

    The defining moments as I see them are:
    1. When looking after our mental health is as instinctive as brushing our teeth
    2. Policy is set by wellbeing as an outcome eg. Child Poverty, Planning Policy, Housing Strategy
    3. We start measuring what matters to people
    4. People and communities have more share of the power and decision making and are given the resources (not necessarily financial but knowledge and skills too) to create solutions to local problems themselves
    5. You could also have a look at our Statements of Intent in the Wellbeing & Happiness Programme.

    What needs more thought: Who is the lead agency for improving population wellbeing? NHS has taken the lead in Lambeth on driving the agenda, but in other areas it has been owned by the local authority. Need to ensure H &W Boards and local leaders well briefed. I think the job is to turn rhetoric into reality. Plenty of policy, evidence etc but little translating into commissioning decision making, shifting of budgets etc.

    Key future trends:
    Unsecure employment
    Private rent costs lead to change in demographics
    Climate change
    More mobility/transience/change in population eg. Migration from North Africa etc.
    Violence/crime/public disorder affecting feelings of safety/cohesion

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